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       If you are really interested in open hair products, and you are having some problems with your hair, do not hesitate, send them to me, I will assist you with the best.
Today we learn the concepts, characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of silicon-based hair extension products. And why do manufacturers prefer silicone to hair extensions?

    Silicon is a common substance found in hair care cosmetics, also known as polydimethylsiloxane or PDMS. Silicone has a high viscosity, viscosity and moisturizing effect. When used, the silicone layer covers the outside of the hair to help protect the hair, preventing tangled hair, split hair, making it easier for you to feel your hair softer, shinier than instantly

Silk & Smooth Hair use Sillicone

     With product hair extensions, the use of silicone hair is also being applied a lot, with the aim of creating a soft, shiny hair that is prominent in the eyes of the consumer. Hair becomes more beautiful, many manufacturers for profit, took advantage of this advantage of silicon to transform hair products from "NON - REMY HAIR" to " REMY HAIR"

      By soaking Silicone within a few hours, the thin silicone layer will cover the entire strand of hair, causing the tangled and irrepressible hair like Non-remy hair to become remy hair, which sounds perfect, because in this time Non-remy hair will be incredibly soft and smooth. However, after only a few washings, this silicone layer will gradually disappear, causing the hair to return to the initial tangle state. Is that what you and your customers are expecting with the extra hair products that you will be using?
After wash with hair use sillicon
Find out and consider your needs carefully if you want your guests to be satisfied and loyal to you in the long run.
So what are the benefits and disadvantages of a silicone hair extension?
  • Benefit

1. Perfect appearance, eye catching.
2. Soft and smooth
3. No any tangled hair in a product
4. The price of the hair is very cheap
  •    Harm

1. The weight of the hair will increase due to the silicone coating on each hair
2. The silicone layer will be like a magnet that attracts dirt to the hair during use
3. Easily lost after a short time (maybe after a few contact with water).
4. Can not use heat with hair (because silicon is a low heat-resistant plastic, if you intend to create other types of hairstyle then it is a mistake).
5. Quickly create a messy, bad hair (When the silicone layer protects the lost hair, the hair will return to the remy hair)
6. The duration of use is very short: normal to human hair, if used properly you can prolong the life of 7-10 times longer than silicone hair.

    According to what we have learned in the last five years, I recommend you carefully consider the products you are looking for, choose the best products for you. That's the way we're doing to support you.
Any advice or answer any questions, please send to us, we are always with you to develop together further.
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Everyday, we receive many message from customer about: How can get order, When we can send hair for you , what's time you must to wait after make payment... So today, i am very glad to introduce our process order and answer all questions you meet before when you do business with our company .
It is very easily to order hair extensions in our company. There are 8 main steps, you shouldn't miss any step to assure we can understand together.Let see our pictures i mentioned below.
1.The first thing, please let me know your detail requirements 
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I have met many customer before, they only ask: " How much?" but they don't tell me any thing about detail information. So it is so difficult to us because i don't know what's your need and what's your standard. That why i always ask my customer these questions:
  • What's hairstyles you want to order in this time: Straight, Wavy or Curly
  • What's size of hair you prefer : we can supply from 8 - 30 inch
  • What's color you or your customer need: natural color, ombre color, blonde color , highlight, ...
  • You want to use single drawn hair or double drawn hair
  • The final, you buy hair to bleach hair, make wigs or other .
If you give me more detail information about your standard, i will know how can i support you, the suitable product for you and the price you can accept with our product. After that, i will give you a true suggestion for your order
2+3. The second thing, after we discuss about the product you want and the quantity you need, we will make invoice for you.
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This is the most important step, after you give me the list product you want to buy. My next step is making invoice for you check again. You will receive the file invoice, there are total value, payment method and the information product. If you want to change any product or quantity, you can let us know. We will make invoice again for you.
4. When you agree with the invoice and want to make payment.
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" What's payment method we use?" "How can you send money for us?"
This is two regular questions many customers ask me after they checked and agreed with the invoice. In fact, in the invoice, we have already mentioned all neccessary information, 
About the payment method, we use western union, moneygram, ria, bank or paypal. Depend on you, you can choose any convenience payment you want. After you finished payment, don't forget give us the information, i will check and confirm again when we receive your money.  
5. Producing product
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Depend on the product you order and the quantity, the time to make hair is different. Normal with straight hair, we can make and send for you after 1-2 days, but with steam hair, we must to have more time to make it. So your supporter will give you detail information about the time we will send hair for you. Don't worry about this.
6. Check information and send tracking number after send hair
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Don't forget send the true information about your name, your address and your phone number. After that, we will make document shipping for you and send you check again before we send hair. This is very very important with you, because if you don't check it, when your package have any problem, we can't control all. So please spend small your time to check it. Very easily and simple.
7. How long to take hair
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Depend on your country, the time will be different , but we will try choose the faster delivery to you and save your time.
8. Confirm all information after you receive hair
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The final step, please let me know all your comment about the hair. In the case, your hair has any problem, you should confirm with me. We will solve all your problem to assure your benefit when you use our product.
Thank you for reading our post, hope you will have a nice day.


What is Natural Human Hair extensions

In the market now, there are many kind of hair extensions, but we have 2 main kind product : Natural human hair and synthetic fiber. So what is advantage of natural human hair and what is disadvantage of this product you should know. And how you can distinguish and choose the best quality natural human hair. 

Today, Vietnam remy hair company will introduce for you some information about natural color and after that, you will have the good knowledge and choose hair better.

The first questions, what is natural hair?

Natural hair is the raw material to hair extensions in market now, the main feature is 100% human hair, no mixed with synthetic fiber or animal hair. The hair is unprocessed and the producer don't use any chemical or silicon to make the hair

100% human hair: the hair is collected from donor, of course it is very very natural. But now, there are many supplier, they use a technical and machines to change quality product by mixed with synthetic fiber or use silicon to cover with fiber hair. In fact, this hair is more beautiful than natural hair, but the quality is so bad and the life time is very short

So what is the advantage of NATURAL HUMAN HAIR EXTENSIONS 

As you know, all natural human hair extensions is made of 100% natural raw material so the product will suit with your hair, and when you use, no one can realize you are using hair extensions. In addition, the color and quality is same with your hair , so you don't worry when you want to change color or make other hairstyles. You can try with it, and i think the result will be great.

The time using hair is longer than synthetic fiber, depend on how you take care hair, you can use it from 1-3 years .

But does hair extensions have disadvantage 

In fact, every product will have disadvantage. Let see what's is disadvantage of hair extensions .

Due to all product is made from 100% natural raw material, no silicon, no chemical, so the price is pretty high and expensive. If you want to have the good quality but cheap price, it will be impossible".

There are many supplier in hair extensions market, beside the good supplier, many customer have already met with the supplier who want to earn money and have more profit use many many technical to change quantity, make hair from synthetic fiber or non remy hair to remy hair cover with silicon  and sell with high price. So you should explore and find the best supplier for you. In order to choose and distinguish natural hair and synthetic fiber. Vietnam Remy hair will provide information in the next article. Hope you can enjoy and follow us.